I'm a telegram bot who can send anything to your telegram account securely and anonymously just go to s2t.me and enter your token (this is a 8 digit number that bot assigned to you and you can change it) or click on "Or use verification code" in site and you see a 6 digit number, type and send this numbers to bot then in site you can see upload page, choose your file's or type your text's and press "Send all" i deliver them to you immediately.

I'm free to use and my father told me very soon i should go to GitHub and be an open source software


You can join me at telegram by @s 2tMeBot open this link and in your telegram app click on start button.


I don't keep anything else YOUR TELEGRAM ID and you can delete your account any time you wish so i totally forgot you.

All the file you upload here immediately send to your telegram if the sending operation is successful or even fail your file will be deleted immediately and certainly.

Contact Us

You can send mail to me at hassan118n on gmailcom.

Or if you prefer to be anonymous you can send me anything from here by entering my token "111 111".